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Breakingviews: Siemens likely to beat GE to Alstom

Monday, Apr 28, 2014 - 03:42

April 28 - German Siemens issued a counteroffer to GE’s bid for Alstom. As political pressure mounts, Breakingviews says there’s no doubt the French government prefers Siemens, which makes it more likely to win

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Demons out something peso is attractive but also risky according to breaking he's doing now is. Why it's at risk. Well I was left to -- who's writing the story explains. The it Siemens counteroffer. It's attractive from an industrial point of view monitoring the pretty do viewpoint which would talk but it is also risky because they offered to. You know our system is basically companies that attitude to me the main activities when these energy. Power turbines there. And the other is making the trains. Siemens which does the same equipment German side office two bodies of energy cost which -- those who would -- you was interested in exchange for the trains. And and -- says any change. We can view our. Train division. And customers in the past because of course the transition much more of these that the entity manages about 70% -- -- But the risk is that within Europe it creates a monopoly for a the beginning of the making of -- -- -- -- Chris big question mark his. How we -- authorities react to this an infection risk to the problem is -- which wasn't too Agee. Offer because she's just hope there's just enough to train and do it without some -- -- and do whatever it wants with it. So. Yes it did the heat index -- he's more attractive because it creates the European champion. We need to dovetails nicely with the with the with Siemens is doing and compete Siemens it takes power all. I was summoned to arouse the shareholders. Allows them to get some casts and two -- company thought again that detection risk and that's the reason it's. Now along is speaking to announce today. What do you expect to come out of that because of the -- of the torch and about all this is while an image it will pollinate presumably trying to ease these. Competition. -- -- -- the meeting and everything was supposed to do to to to take place yesterday was postponed because of the Siemens counterfeit. There's absolutely no doubt that the French government. Prefers the treatment option for the economy minister -- -- -- on the radio again this morning saying. And now we want to build the the Arab the -- -- of energy and then -- construction. But. Press Iran doesn't have -- in each area semi stopped to shareholders and those it considers itself at stake holder. That's no doubt it will have a big say. But the outs on board ultimately will decide the course it's -- much more. Two with a higher visibility. Deals than what was the -- Telecom -- and unity cabinet saying -- the French government also supported. One of the payers. Indeed ultimately lost. Which shows that inference you can still do ideas against the government's win in this case. They have mated to to have made Johnson -- symbol. There's a little bit of national security involved because of the nuclear power plant components that the French government is customer off. And so it's hard to house but my. Money would be on its -- -- -- it's. All right thank you very much up can't -- home from breaking these that talking about life demons -- -- proposal is attractive but risky. I'm managing all of this is voices.

Breakingviews: Siemens likely to beat GE to Alstom

Monday, Apr 28, 2014 - 03:42

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