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Ruins to revenue? Spain’s abandoned villages

Tuesday, Apr 29, 2014 - 02:32

April 29 - Crumbling and overgrown, the abandoned 15th Century village of A Barca in Spain seems an improbable tourist destination. But it’s going free to a developer who’ll renovate it and create local jobs.

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So amazed people of this abandoned fifteenth and she bitch is nothing more old than historical written. But clinical -- this process -- nation to Spain's unemployment conundrum. The McChrystal who used to -- that the -- but I did look into your problem -- this give individual way free for ninety kids. Just half. To read about a panel rampant among them the pick up. There are around twelve houses in ruins and it was 30000 meters of land and it's a pretty area with lush vegetation and well connected. It's another gossip that it cannot undo -- Can I get that in the coming to him and in the months and I gonna I gonna commit to put it. He's already had interests from several foreign and Spanish companies including a hotel chain. And a medical -- -- a recovery and it's a hot says treat patients and medical benefit if there's a complete renovation is the benefit the local community not only would create a long term jobs. It'll -- employee construction workers you in the rebuilding. On unemployment in Spain sits at 26 dissent is tourism industry is clients. According to AFP the number of tourists from reports just -- by seven point 2% in the press quotes and OT. What's left and it -- -- striking increase. It's not known how much she's down to falling prices making spending more attractive and all the Europeans. Well conflicts in North Africa and east and you know. If that Nevada. If you've got to the incredible that a four game I didn't allowed out of. When the -- to tell them then going to be. There's Saxony no shortage of -- -- -- despite days. In fact there are thousands of them them the parameters that the we have the demographic problem -- people dying and influence and if he could villages being abandoned. In this municipality in the -- central and -- but as people -- to big cities to seek employment. And the economic crisis forces others to sell them items. Is it realistic to expect terrorism to guard -- one of the -- some of them can become new tourist destinations and in fact we have some successful examples already. But it would have to -- -- in an individual to weigh in too little too general formula that's not the solution of the problem ruled out -- thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think of the chemical in it in the world benefited -- Is that cost the team meeting Ares and taking pot -- But at the pocket guys quit and to plan might seem more -- Britain's spy on its eighth. -- -- that it is.

Ruins to revenue? Spain’s abandoned villages

Tuesday, Apr 29, 2014 - 02:32

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