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Credit card fraud film "Plastic" premieres in London

Tuesday, Apr 29, 2014 - 01:59

Apr. 30 - The cast and crew of new British credit card fraud film ''Plastic'' deny it romanticises criminality, while Ed Speleers talks ''Star Wars Episode VII'' rumours. Joel Flynn reports.

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Picture it: you're young, rich and carefree. What's the catch? You've done it by committing credit card fraud. That's the storyline of new British film "Plastic", which premiered in London on Tuesday. Based on a true story, the film follows four friends who turn to crime, after facing a job market engulfed in the financial crisis - something BAFTA Rising Star Will Poulter says many might relate to. SOUNDBITE: Actor, Will Poulter, saying (English): "They're almost slightly the victims of criminal behaviour in a way, and listen I'm not endorsing credit card fraud, but it is interesting to see that approach, and in a way you do - you don't in any way justify it, but I think you can certainly empathise with elements of it." Poulter joins Alfie Allen, Ed Speleers, Sebastian de Souza and Emma Rigby in the film. That's a cast tipped by many as leading the next generation of British acting talent - according to Hollywood star, Graham McTavish. SOUNDBITE: Actor, Graham McTavish, saying (English): "It's fantastic, I mean goodness me you're spoilt for choice, in this country, spoilt for choice. But I think we always have been, to an extent, and Will's just an example of a long line of very, very fine actors who started out young, and Will will have a successful career into his old age, I'm sure." One of those actors could be in line for a big role soon as well, with rumours linking Speleers to a role in the new Stars Wars movie directed by JJ Abrams. SOUNDBITE: Actor, Ed Speleers, saying (English): REPORTER ASKING QUESTION: "There's rumours that you're getting along well with a certain Mr Abrams and that you may or may not be associated with the next Star Wars project. What do you have to say about that?" SPELEERS: "He makes some really good movies." REPORTER: "Ok. Is that something that would interest you though?" SPELEERS: "I think any boy - I called myself a boy there - I think any young man would be a fool to say they wouldn't be very interested to be a part of something like that." REPORTER: "Ok. And can we expect any word on that any time soon?" Is that a yes then, Mr Speleers? Only time will tell. In the meantime, "Plastic" opens in the UK on Wednesday (April 30).

Credit card fraud film "Plastic" premieres in London

Tuesday, Apr 29, 2014 - 01:59

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