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Breakingviews: BP could well snap up BG

Thursday, May 01, 2014 - 04:13

May 1 - Profit fall, share price shock and its CEO resignation have turned BG into a real bid target. Bigger majors Exxon or Shell could be interested, but BP will be most tempted, says Breakingviews.

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-- rumor -- friends breaking news mosques good. BP be tempted to snap pop BG. Robert Cole from breaking views -- heads out of whether a deal autism makes sense for being president annoying these these acronyms -- you can't remember what motivated -- They'll -- cynical BP MPT it's British Petroleum you have an alumni and and BG which. Grew out of British gas. Of course is the gas company just in the same way that they -- isn't a petroleum company but that's the thing here is that PG. The more used to -- corporate tax. Has been a takeover talk for a very long time actually a million years in the -- is that the the speculation. Has ratcheted up the good couple of notches in. While recent months in recent days recent months because it was a profits -- in January and then earlier this week has perhaps he would coal. That was. The -- resignation all of that she thinks exact -- that. It wouldn't think this is this is a story which is I've intensity and thought provoking this is not something with -- definitely will happened but I -- -- PG BG definitely on the block but why BP want products -- -- show that -- about the couple reasons and a bit partly because. I think Exxon and the Americans. Takedown of the movement and quantum fund. Fixed focus on the run cost and efficiencies. And they've gotten me plenty to do as it as it is. So. It would be -- cool deal for them because that's a much larger than BP BP. It would be trans formative. And it would leave. BP. Some really caught -- -- -- and very group important areas and get it get its long rally back up to show let's get this market back up. -- bodies who and they can leave its history behind they can reduce its. Exposure to Russian assets courses is very problematic but isn't it really promising. -- open access offshore Brazil and PGE British gas has quantum speak. Grip on my -- And -- like many of -- BP and -- BP would fund this an attractive process as. As Siena smog problem registries that stresses there off quite a few titles. From. The lingering legal legal risk. She highlights of course I've -- he made a move by the subsequent one about how how far BP's come yeah absolutely I mean BP it bond launch is being means for the shrink. Downloads for the last -- 23 years perhaps a bit longer than that stung very hard Bonnie. The macondo gulf spill and it's found itself very much associated with a Russian assets I didn't want one so bright -- that it and it fits investors. Have the confidence to back in what would be quadruples incumbent dale they would PG that would say something really quite positive about BP took. And and and 11 final point would start -- picks up on and the savings. Apparently savings have limited and and in enough for what limited enough -- for fund manager. Took to quip that the only synergy. Is the Mets have pieces. Now it -- -- on that I think I've. But the more serious point -- -- not making counts as of that is that you know I think we should be doing to do is just the calls that saving money that's one reason. To justify. And and I. But after much more important reason is to give companies about it sounds of -- you know to explore new avenues of business and this is possibly something. The PP can do if it's not company today. OK very good Robert many thanks about side -- know what try US show twelve for these incidents in the UBS to. What -- you -- share that -- reminded yesterday on the on the characteristics of of this current. Emanate push I can find that on the Reuters inside a platform. I'm -- problems is gorgeous.

Breakingviews: BP could well snap up BG

Thursday, May 01, 2014 - 04:13

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