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Brand Battles: Porsche vs. Maserati

Friday, May 02, 2014 - 03:17

May 2 - Italian luxury car brand Maserati is miles behind the startling success of rival Porsche. But the allure of a strong heritage and high-performance should help it make inroads.

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One is a German -- to go to our house the world's leading maker of premium sports calls. The other is a grand old name with these plants. But tennis royalty really take home Porsche in the Brian battle for luxuries we. Super Bowl actual certainly raised as the royalties program. Rest and I helped sales in North America jumped by 95%. Over the policy year. But it also the figures shows just how formats royalty has to coach a rifle porch. The German firm sold 162000. Calls from Austria compared to just 151000. -- -- or -- Next you apportioned to hit 200000. Sales thanks to its new -- -- -- That would be three years ahead of its target. But as royalty may be growing Foster but as -- -- very low place. The companies talked to 50000 sales in 2050. Porsche is also a profit machine. The luxury -- generated more than a fifth for profits the parent some folks focus group in 2013. In fact Porsche is 2.4 billion Euro profit. Far outstrip the one point seven billion in sales at -- as a royalty. Frost and Sullivan analyst -- books yet in. You can infect the -- ease of management -- is the most profitable. Brand. Worldwide. As so it's a reference for every one in the premium segment. A game then they can have such an impressive imagine because they can apply such a high premium prize. The Italian brand is at least starting to mimic porsches profitability. In the fourth quarter margins has brought to exceeded 15%. Not far behind the -- is 18%. But Porsche has much deeper pockets. Parent firm VW was tossed in with Toyota and General Motors for the title of world's largest wartime makes him. Well -- it made him operating profit of nearly twelve billion euros. My -- parent Fiat Chrysler expects its trading profits will be less than a third of that level. But leaves it less able to invest in -- development that is German rival. Little wonder then that -- trumps my as a Rossi in brand rankings. Daniel -- directory survey puts the German company in 98 place worldwide -- estimated brand value of about eleven billion euros as a royalty. Doesn't make the top 500. So is there any hope the Italian challenge well it does have some things on it so -- I HS global insight analyst Timothy its sophisticated. Storied -- -- have them explore heritage goes about the 1950s and and they want full normal championships -- sports car races. So I had this it's a lovely mixtures of of high performance and luxury as well. Meanwhile she's very success might start to threaten its exclusive image. With a few more Super Bowl ads massive royalty might just be able to attempt a lot more applies in -- looking for something different. Students at what it would.

Brand Battles: Porsche vs. Maserati

Friday, May 02, 2014 - 03:17

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