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Breakingviews: Barclays needs a UBS-like restructure

Tuesday, May 06, 2014 - 03:38

May 6 - While Barclays Q1 profits fell 5%, UBS’ restructure has helped it beat expectations. Breakingviews says while Barclays has fewer options than UBS, its strategic revamp has to be just as radical.

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Perfect I think I'm back today at breaking views with Robert call -- a bit -- so much for joining us. You'll piece about all these shows why he's doing UBS just take us through. The thinking behind this well I think that the good -- photo lab with you this is just look at the set prices we've got a good news from BB -- -- -- -- Barclays down 45%. UBS a puppet and I think that. While the numbers themselves. Up back -- you PX the Barclays I think it's it's a comment or at least I light into the strategic options that these two banks. Off following. He BS -- cool guys reinvents itself certainly got a major restructuring a couple of years ago realizing that investment bank wasn't. All of it was cracked up to pay and has moved forward to putting much more emphasis on wealth management and that based on the scene suggest. It's paying off straightaway it's certainly very promising some good analyst on the dividends for example. All committees. Says down. And that kind of reels would take -- from -- at all. Who wished I had been doing a bit more like him a bit more of what UBS have been doing realizing that if -- like. -- because it brought to on the wolf for investment banking that to suggest that it's a rocks which would we wouldn't be the case but that kind of industry. Is changing they fixed income stuff for example I'm not a piece does so. But there's a question issues -- content -- -- any rewarding UBS for taking the pain and changing the stop -- How -- and we see Barclays do this I mean they've got this. Anything on Thursday -- -- -- so you know we've got -- all lines are on Thursday in the strategic. Update I was going to be for tonight. Because it's not brought to suggest that you know all these months just replicate the yen UPS strategy because it doesn't have those kind of options. UPS in the position of having a big wealth management business that it could. Build up. -- -- Go wealth management school commotion retail bank here as well. Its -- Ramallah until some time so it's options to restructure itself. Much mold well -- to divulge and yet investment banking pulled down ball -- come by about. I think 14%. The -- I guess as can Jane King is actually pushed through what UBS has done our guest this morning -- to -- said. It's really contentious is going to be very difficult for. Yeah lots of people -- I disparaging remarks about antsy Jenkins and trivial stuff about. The pie in the bonuses in the last couple weeks to and to many times. I I think we need to think less about -- it is more about that what doing in the Andy -- and and to jenkins' position. Would have very very difficult choices and decisions to make we should back remind. And we should encourage these -- for -- let's -- like a decent group decision rather than just Angela. In -- intellectual lives it on the -- people that your ultimate. Everybody can be sacked for the four under performance. Doesn't necessarily mean that the success is gonna do anything to -- Right to keep our eyes on that says -- -- rubber cold up from breaking he's talking about Barclays and why it. And he should look at what UBS's during our policies on managing all this is what is.

Breakingviews: Barclays needs a UBS-like restructure

Tuesday, May 06, 2014 - 03:38

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