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Reuters Asks: Is social trading the future?

Thursday, May 08, 2014 - 02:00

May 8 - As Saxo Bank launches a social trading platform, it argues access to information and cutting-edge technology will define the future of trading. Can social media really democratise the way you trade?

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If you look at trading in the traditional sense of it it's already think Fred has already told you televise every -- -- in America. Those are committed to thank -- last month it. Can be a little bit frightening because voices that perhaps in the past wouldn't have been hurt. Our current banking you -- -- in his ability to influence events probably. Lower life in the news. Not no longer as much based on the -- this city and it's good market transit system tonight when you have to reliance. -- wouldn't make these big -- instantly which we will loop hole enough to hit the the good news immediately as a treatment you can go -- -- itself today you don't -- free. -- -- Refusing -- doesn't produce -- published in the way. People trade the stocks if they make those trees available to people to look at your interest on who can and those that. Get it right most. This some different. Nowadays yeah. Find out what's happening in the pockets -- me yeah. You know -- connecting the friends that. Yeah. It's eleven equity units is placing its coming to us. -- but I think it's people take great at anything that Matthew chance and teaching abstinence which many people think. I think there is a bit of the problem brewing with social media because you you don't know who wants -- real I mean there are thousands of FaceBook photos out and that in my job. And and tweeted photos of the night out just because you -- stuff on FaceBook and into. That doesn't mean that people -- slightly. Irrational sense that they see this stuff but who knows what I -- right.

Reuters Asks: Is social trading the future?

Thursday, May 08, 2014 - 02:00

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