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X-Men movie mania

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 01:12

May 12 - Stars of the film franchise greet fans at the movie's world premiere. Alicia Powell reports.

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X-Men fans packed the Jacob Javits Center in New York for the super-sized premiere of "X-Men: Days of Future Past". The Manhattan convention center housed thousands of die-hards as the film's stars including Ellen Page, Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence rewarded them with autographs and selfies. SOUNDBITE: Jennifer Lawrence, actress, saying: "I mean, they are everything. I wouldn't have a job if it weren't for my fans. And also, I've really got like, not to brag, but I've got like the best fans in the entire world." The movie sees Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, return to the past from a harsh future, in a bid to improve his life's timeline. A new quartet of characters will make their debut in the franchise, including Josh Helman who says he had to explain the series to his family. SOUNDBITE: Josh Helman, actor, saying (English): "I've told my mom that, you know, I'm playing a really interesting fellow, I think he's quite a smart fellow. I think he keeps his cards very close to his chest. And I think there's a lot of story to be told about him. We're seeing him right at the beginning so it will be interesting to see how it develops." The film hits U.S. movie theaters on May 23rd.

X-Men movie mania

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 01:12

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