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Breakingviews: America’s business watchdog

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 03:15

May 14 - All eyes are suddenly on the Federal Communications Commission. Breakingviews columnists discuss the critical issues the usually low-profile agency is tackling this week.

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So who is America's. Busiest watchdog the Fed. The SEC the CFTC. How about another one a little bit more obscure the Federal Communications Commission. This week it's got a whole bunch of things on its plate that's got to decide it's involving itself and the biggest mergers. Net neutrality. Wireless spectrum -- you -- -- ready piece about this today why all of a sudden the S allies on the FCC. Edited and introduced to proposals formally on Thursday first one's net neutrality it's basically the idea that. Internet providers broadband providers have to treat everyone fairly. But they've actually said is that it's it's okay if they. I'm introduce paper repair or -- gay -- or if a company like Google wants to pay for additional bus service they can do that. There are limits are gonna placement however. -- so that's important for. I'm -- usually you're bombing just a step back FCC. Which is likely another agency that gets to see it's got to Republican commissioners two Democrats and then any chairman who has chosen by the reigning. Presidents and gets a Democrat. Who is this guy's running. But Tom Wheeler when you know -- season all you east feel lobbyist who's an entrepreneur in Telecom lobbyists on the what's -- -- think that his proposal is. It's actually gotten more the banking system the backing of Republicans rather than Democrats in terms -- so Democrats to the date yet they don't know if the Democrats will vote with them more than Republicans such as took. In the air -- and up above they have an interest that he proposed something I mean there was a court that struck and the -- rules he -- -- come up with a new proposals to them for months to do it. Lot of action against a lot of protest -- interesting thing is the FCC's mandate is to serve. The public interest -- -- -- great legal standpoint that means. Is this in the public interest or is it not me so I can make great art does that unfunny way on the public interest on an inning for example something big to him and I -- every ticket you know I am today we think of and I trust -- in the Justice Department is the FTC. But these deals Comcast is the big deal the communitarian sites on Taiwan and product by Time Warner Cable. They are licenses for cable TV licenses telephone licenses other kinds of licenses that. Have to be transferred. In the deal so the FCC says -- Is the transfer. In the public interest. And it's it's it's not just licenses to it's also spectrum we're gonna see a lot of a lot of and T wireless spectrum that he efforts since dish owns outcomes of a spectrum that the companies basically put itself up on the block. The question is can AT&T or Verizon by and the -- can be big auction next year. It's television stations have a lot of extra spectrum they wanna sell it. They're gonna place limits on can't AT&T and Verizon sell it but there -- actually gonna make it's that the smaller truck companies combine more spectrum -- eighteen present -- that make the playing field a bit more level what's fascinating read this we're talking about some of the most important. Sort of future growth industries -- the Internet. Telecommunications cable. This is right -- this is -- pretty important stuff yen and it's kind of conflict of interest here's pretzel written an article thanks guys one little agency. An accurate in three letters that could change. The future. We've gotten more breaking news tomorrow.

Breakingviews: America’s business watchdog

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 03:15

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