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Bears, give it a rest

Friday, May 16, 2014 - 02:22

May 16 - With Treasury yields, small cap and tech stocks faltering, the rumbling of market bears is growing louder. But some market strategists say they should back off. There's nothing to growl about. Jeanne Yurman reports.

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Market bears have been giddy lately. They say that Treasuries recently notching a six-month low and growth stocks selling off are smoke signals that the bull market will soon snap. Not so, says Diane Garnick, CEO of Clear Alternatives. Lower yields simply reflect investors chasing higher returns after word of the European Central Bank's stimulus efforts pressured foreign interest rates. SOUNDBITE: DIANE GARNICK, CEO, CLEAR ALTERNATIVES (ENGLISH) SAYING: "A lot of these global bond managers are just shifting from the EU and over and from Japan into the US and that's one of the things we're seeing happening right about now." Nervous investors had watched those sinking yields this week and piled in. And those who have been short the bond market got squeezed, forcing the purchase of more bonds and lower yields. As for those slumping growth stocks, many analysts say look more closely. A selloff in select high fliers is clouding the picture. David Gaffen, Reuters U.S. Markets Editor. SOUNDBITE: DAVID GAFFEN, U.S. MARKETS EDITOR, REUTERS (ENGLISH) SAYING: "Internet, retailers, Priceline, Netflix, all this stuff went way, way up. Tesla Motors is a big one people love to talk about. That one that certainly went through the roof as well. So that's a sort of small core group in a few industries that were definitely overvalued but in the broader market its not there." Bears also highlight factors like buying stocks with margin debt is ballooning and when the S&P 500 or Dow hit new records it's on low volume - more signs of a teetering market. Bob Doll, Nuveen Asset Managemnt's Chief Equity Strategist says he's heard it before. SOUNDBITE: BOB DOLL, CHIEF EQUITY STRATEGIST, NUVEEN ASSET MANAGEMENT (ENGLISH) SAYING: "Those bears have been crying those woes for some time and haven't had it right yet. That doesn't mean they won't have their day in the sand. So look I think with the volatility moving up as a result of liquidity lessening in the market we're going to get a bump. We've had a bumpy ride. I think we'll have more bumps along the way. But I do think the overall direction will continue to remain going higher." Doll adds that investment has flowed into cyclical, value oriented stocks, which can only pay off if investors think the economy and therefore, the market will improve.

Bears, give it a rest

Friday, May 16, 2014 - 02:22

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