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Breakingviews: Alibaba’s next move

Friday, May 16, 2014 - 02:52

May 16 - Breakingviews columnists discuss whether the Chinese e-commerce giant should buy either Yahoo or eBay as a way to make a splash in the United States after its IPO.

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So you know the Chinese instinct company -- Bob is gonna go public -- -- not a hundred billion dollars. What's more interesting look at is what it's gonna do next ropes here and you've been looking -- is you come up with a couple of options -- could really. Make a splash in the US beyond its IPO what do you what do you think you. Gaveled the company's extremely ambitious Jack -- the founder of the company -- that is beat the top when a top ten companies in the world as well as a start up. Arm and last 102 years that's it's an August -- to come -- -- -- -- must be some -- yet but but big -- cash and he's obviously been very impressed the -- -- -- think he could do it would make a lot of financial sense would be if you -- you for -- America want to buy Yahoo!. Yahoo! owns a big chunk of -- problem they own about 24% frenetic -- some off. But -- made it clear he didn't want he didn't want Yahoo! to own truck -- Obama if it buys Yahoo! that would get rid of that. Overhang in other words that would that would written to be essentially share buyback and it's good for a young shareholders as well because it just gets rid of a lot of details of the case was great because it. But when Yahoo! -- Alibaba shares they've they've made huge capital being honest about about 30% or so -- you -- more goes the taxman. If volleyball buys that you don't have to worry about that. So Richard what's what's the problem with bullets in this problem but is Yahoo! necessary the best thing would -- Well I -- it be great the only show does especially if the rest of the business is still at -- whenever this might yeah. Come to come into play if the -- the business still looks pretty stagnant but. You know that would be great exit via excelled -- but that's that's the reason why strategically it meant a basic instinct a little bit yuck it's not about -- tonight's -- idea the settling for a bubble but it might it be the greatest purchase it's coming and actually. -- if you think about it. Is -- Russia is not a big accompanied them right now they're already got a sixty plus billion dollar company you know that he would -- under and is one -- the the and suit and a -- was an economist. You know it's it's more fighting B to B then B to C which is front which is but he -- does nonetheless -- a huge economist -- in the US. I vote doesn't really have -- it would be trusted in a way that a Chinese company wasn't and eBay has this PayPal. Then it's business and -- Bubba has a sister sister company in play. Says everybody -- sitting -- and as sister too ambitious strategic move. Mean the politics and that the size of the by the side which would certainly come into play as strategically it's that it probably -- -- statement about. The cable guys thanks so much and -- oversee. We gonna get policy -- to fast but we were watching that and will be back with more break and he's next week.

Breakingviews: Alibaba’s next move

Friday, May 16, 2014 - 02:52

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