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Aid pledges for Balkan flood crisis

Saturday, May 17, 2014 - 01:18

May 18 - Worst floods in over a century in the Balkans bring offers of international aid as big water surges threaten more homes. Paul Chapman reports

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The United States, Israel, Turkey, Slovenia, Austria, Luxembourg and Croatia have offered aid to Balkan states suffering their worst floods in 120 years. Croatia has some flooding itself in the east but the town of Obrenovac in Serbia is the hardest-hit. It's likely the region's entire population of 25, 000 will be evacuated. Bosnia's also appealing for international help to handle the floods. Here too tens of thousands face the prospect of evacuation By Sunday at least 20 people were known to have died, nearly all in Bosnia. In eastern Croatia about 1, 000 troops have been deployed to help with relief effort in flooded areas. Forecasters were warning of surges of high water expected to reach the Sava and Danube rivers over the weekend, threatening thousands more properties and roads. What's being described as three months of rainfall in just three days also threatens further dangers. It's a mountainous regions and many hillsides have become unstable. On top of that Bosnia's Centre for the Removal of Landmines is warning that mines laid during the 1992-95 war could be moved around by floods and landslides.

Aid pledges for Balkan flood crisis

Saturday, May 17, 2014 - 01:18

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