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Balkans flooding threatens Serbia power plants, 37 dead

Monday, May 19, 2014 - 01:40

May.19 - Soldiers, police and villagers battle to protect power plants in Serbia from rising flood waters as the death toll from the Balkan region's worst rainfall in more than a century reaches 37. Sarah Toms reports.

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It's a race against time to protect Serbia's power plants. Hundreds of soldiers, police and villagers east of the capital scramble to raise sandbags around the perimeter of the Kostolac power plant. Flood waters have come dangerously close....and time is of the essence as flood waters are expected to rise. (SOUNDBITE) (Serbian) MAYOR OF KOSTOLAC, IVAN SAVIC, SAYING: "Well, the situation is very serious. For the time being this river has flooded up to two kilometres from here. But the water could get here very quickly, so we have hired lot of machinery and a lot of people." In Belgrade, the waters are receding but the damage is already done... (SOUNDBITE) (Serbian) , RETIRED WOMAN FROM OBRENOVAC, BILJANA RADOVANOVIC, SAYING: "Everything is flooded, under the water. The situation is terrible, all of our homes are flooded this is why we came here. We hope, I am an optimist; we have to go forward, what else can I tell you. We only have one life." It's the same story across the Balkans, tens of thousands of people across have fled their homes as several months of rain fell in a few days. They arrive in shelters like this one with little but the clothes on their backs. Rivers have burst their banks flooding villages and landslides have buried houses. One of the worst-hit areas is Bosnia, here the eastern town of Bijeljina is submerged and rescue efforts have proved allusive. Scores of people have already died in the flooding but the death toll is only likely to rise as the waters recede.

Balkans flooding threatens Serbia power plants, 37 dead

Monday, May 19, 2014 - 01:40

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