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Breakingviews: The new Vodafone needs investor patience

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 03:01

May 20 - Vodafone has sold out stateside, bought nearer home and caught AT&T’s eye. As the focus turns to fundamentals the hard slog begins but at least loyal investors get a big dividend says Breakingviews.

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Investing in the new Vodafone requires patience is the headline affect -- -- piece of breaking news today these. He joins now. I'm they've had a pretty tough time policies moms. They've announced a lot of investment now I am. How hard is it going to be for the show. Well but the effects of the pace is really on the sort of change in the paid for an investment stories that was a point or is very kind of event. Driven company was doing big emanating sold out of the United States for an enormous price under and thirteen billion dollars of sort of -- the market they've sport on cable companies in Spain and Germany. That bought something in the UK as wells say the pizza sort of saying. I've -- narrow that time as -- Go that exciting doubted that exciting stuff is out comes the cars I was -- hard -- right it integrates masses. Get a ten ransom markets already working few of the moment like Germany is a bit of a problem it's please quiet kind of headache them off contained so who is at torrid time yes is a government take a long time ten round. Yes they have this projects brain. Which is sort of accelerate investment program which will last two years and we still -- and Ireland nineteen billion pounds -- ten network upgrades. And Andy we say at least -- is going to be dividend for that loyalty. Com what are we sort of rewards -- test well they said this here they gonna pay an eleven. Five and a bit percent dividend yield by this time is that seat. 100 that actually makes -- one of the most generous. Dividend -- as -- of that with some very. Troubled companies like some that supermarkets and some of the utilities. So -- -- -- stick with us it's not going to be great you know we might have some years we have a kind of struggling to grow to one and have a -- -- united next is avatars can be lower than last -- But we will keep rewarding you with these kind of -- Pants that shows that we are confident that cash flow is gonna come back and we're gonna reward you in there in terms of being oil. I don't know if you're starting to management today but -- -- my question -- to use. If you how does management sounds confident about his new plan I guess that sat on the revenue grandest is allowed just -- -- two hours there -- Angeles. I think Clarence scale is he's very analytical he's able to kind of look very dispassionately what's happening in different markets and kind of zero in on what the problem is so you. And aunts and -- has a lot of content from credibility -- -- -- Taylor I think people felt that he still labs very -- price in the states. So I think he's he still gets the -- yes all right -- just -- -- many thanks -- -- after breaking views nor watched me. US sprint finish atrocities and sensitivity bsc. -- problems us.

Breakingviews: The new Vodafone needs investor patience

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 03:01

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