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Investor expectations hinge on Ukraine elections - Deloitte

Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 03:44

May 22 - Deloitte's CEO for CIS David Owen says ‘expectations’ are high amongst investors attending the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, particularly for Ukraine’s presidential elections.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Joining me now is the head of the -- in Russia and the CIA as -- today and I'm David what's the mood among invests him. I think everything the mood amongst investors here is they all. This -- -- -- expectations for what happens next the timing of performance. Particularly significance it was shifted from June to maids who originally accommodate the G-8 facility which is and -- that. And consideration. However it is immediately prior to the presidential election. In Ukraine on Sunday and I think there's a high degree of expectations too. Well how about my -- what's gonna happen next. And the Ross several elephants in the room. Throughout the economic slowdown big crisis in Ukraine the western sanctions how big is the concern among the business news among investors. The pick of the sanctions and it's -- fault that the sanctions packages all. Painted individuals I think it's kind of making a statement. I mean people these these these these the negative effect -- how to think he's. Is very limited that as a second preakness the second act which is the inevitable. Impact on business confidence I think. Investors local businesses who we will take very seriously again. In terms of paying attention to what happens next. If stock. Results in an improvement in the situations and the escalation of tension. And he says there's going to be an overnight solution but nonetheless if the political leaders. Continue to concentrate on finding a political solution that the suspect. And business leaders and we can do logical which is to focus on how we can about a small businesses and help. The economic. Slowdown in the house as you said it slowed down dramatically I think it slowed down progressively. And we can help stop them cheating had to -- perception of Russia has changed over the past five months say since the start of the end. But Russia is definitely come back -- need to focus that would not be. Hasn't changed all these. Defense. Happy to take and they would whose attention they they come in and out of the the top stories on the on the Internet media. My -- Russia because -- the going to be telling that Russia is not a very significant part of the global economy in the global political history. -- because of the going to be a time when except I think straightforward but it didn't. He to full day's events that have already been told about emerging markets getting out of touch. And now we have this crisis in Ukraine Russian slowdown sanctions do you think that even if what Dave emerging markets throughout the passion. Then Russia among emerging markets will be you know just complete the -- Case. Know enough. I think emerging markets -- at a -- I think. Which ones people focus on we'll check and I think the that that they think the bricks and some of the exclusive focus on the -- thought about old rule and I think. Different marketplaces will come in and out of of attention. To to Russia they give off such a sad to interest the expression just that there's never going to be a time and it's an important whenever -- on missile that straightforward but. If you look at today's news. Top story. It includes Thailand. Includes other parts of of the Far East. Events in China. Events in Nigeria. These courses alone in having some some big issues --

Investor expectations hinge on Ukraine elections - Deloitte

Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 03:44

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