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Breakingviews: Tesco CEO may be walking his last aisle

Wednesday, Jun 04, 2014 - 04:23

June 4 - A conscious turnaround effort partly explains poor Q1 revenue at Tesco, but CEO Philip Clarke has a great deal to do and little time to prove himself, says Breakingviews.

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Let's get a -- and you -- -- was specifically wrote colts take out on these latest Tesco numbers we would stand a good that Robert you. You've written a lot of -- holding the copy had cost of reform once written a lot of coffee. On task it's a little green glory yeah. It better and I told our media cup plans you talk about boards being disarray too -- price toxic effect on April 16. You said testers and hold it should keep digging. It's unclear how aggressive so Clark has decided to beat. Come as well as one of -- talk as any -- -- And that does one piece of good news and and I think that throughout all these pieces. I have been so he certainly in the last six muscles are simply mean if you like agreeing with Phil Clark and Tesco in that social brawl should t.'s chief objective is that. I have to get involved in this process for. And that's what my site that day month down subpoenas how. How how fully engaged they point to get into in in into the price war and how effective they will pay. So the one piece of good news -- eighties that it's. I'm volumes. All products -- the numbers of it's a two isolates of brands that place now. In those categories when they have cut the prices by six -- erupt when it sent is that what surprises. -- actually the chefs across blows up -- -- -- don't -- -- -- down -- -- 5% of -- it was -- quite -- -- -- -- -- the this has been to distant and this has announced an -- down a bit. So that's a piece of good news book. We don't know who will not 28% relates to -- says it in the in the trucks that we've come up prices on all of volumes have gone up. I'm so who. It's a piece of good news but let's put it in the content but. The same time we most stroman. That you know the pull overall revenue figures that we've seen today down three full sentence. Is partly fund all of those products cops on it because here and less money -- because that that charging less for them. Boldly speak. Who aren't yet the tour he is very not adult homeless to fill pol. And his current team on the wrong people to put through what is going to be always a really difficult. I'm close out. And I don't know I don't mean to say that you know we should be writing all but writing in all. And you we've got to recognize the additional -- in somebody else's got to do do about it. I'm giving you have because again referring back so a piece you wrote in December you talk about -- patients with Tesco wearing justifiably -- Com how often is that patients we insist key to find this to. I think you're selling it as well because you are a threat Bennett let me show you look at the red reasonably well supports it. I'm reasonably. But you know what. I'm gonna also a question about how how much time -- seagull one of the questions that was put too little conference schools -- I myself question about it and so what are what are you wouldn't you know what are pesticides about you'll -- -- -- -- -- -- -- kind of question is costs is a matter of colts. All the time uncles like this Tesco and many other companies. And you get the stockpiles we have better support to -- -- who do you we have full engagement with Bob -- blah blah blah. I don't know what I'm reading too much into this but -- plot supply this morning was. Articles Tyson in the best of confidential. Next question. Let's check from back well this is it -- It's hollowed out I'm conscious that on Hillary too much into. These conversations should be confidential but. Backs this is. Half of the reasons. Why. Weeks probably two months he's not -- it is a messy and see if thanks very very definitive turn around within. Six months -- -- opposed to sort. Of a Texas -- and a -- -- that exactly yeah Robert Cole for breaking views of your what's the US show. Twelve birdies in 1730 PST I'm -- problems is.

Breakingviews: Tesco CEO may be walking his last aisle

Wednesday, Jun 04, 2014 - 04:23

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