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Breakingviews: Asos' cyber tumble

Thursday, Jun 05, 2014 - 03:47

June 5 - A profit warning lopped nearly a third off shares in the UK online fashion retailer. ASOS’ foreign sales have been hit by a strong pound, but reality is yet to show the real fall, says Breakingviews.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- desire -- -- that -- us this morning off to the company lowered its operating margin guidance for its current fiscal year. A -- -- off the value of it says small soft two billion dollars off the market value. I'm George Che joins a sign this year from breaking views to a rise and this is not your -- -- -- The did the story the breaking news story this morning. But breaking news is basically saying. Okay this this is this is and again they're operating margin guns being on time profits -- -- -- -- -- so -- -- what's to come. Yes I mean if you look at what's actually come off there. Wolf both asset crustaceans -- The reasonable. Estimate of what actually what happens the underlying fundamentals. Can fool would say. -- -- -- of -- profits of focusing province in which committee on Yates. But think what people. You -- me by a sources that saved them from programs on people of the today about US and go. Why is this is -- stratospheric. But the reason for that. Unsurprisingly is that people look at it and say -- technology companies you know justice and retail company on any of the books on that. Quite street retailers. So there is a reason why it's been so quiet. And on line has tended to be. It's probably -- this kind of price of affection. -- -- tall guys will then you'll see we'd be fools and etc. that's hosting the act. And of course the company and the C and Robinson who said the company op. Is blaming the -- Started off here on the stunning. Two sets I think it is of that assessments and actual sales you put those two together -- and that's what my question is that well. Why has it taken so long for this to come forward two steps speak pretty lofty for quite a wrong. Books that community you have to kind of look at that strength is that -- basically if you enjoyed international company as a source now -- -- does he can -- that's a certain Wei by saying well. It'll bounce across the currency -- These Dakota thinks you have that this is readiness of the warts these women knew those deal with these kind of things. -- comeback team of the fact that. People. Look a source and say well you know it. This is that technology company and ample and yet we love technology companies in the past -- we have either incredibly high ratings. If you can actually back now you have to have something slightly more sustainable just being in messier in central currency. Just very critics are some of this is what the Sierra senator's statement while profit performance of this it not Warwick hopeful. I'm. If I'm putting a brave face on the so do we actually believe. I think that's hit -- -- putting a brave face on them. A pretty cool idea but seven I mean I think there's an element so it's that to police things history but I mean. -- people looking at today in -- sources. Say yes that list off. The hook. Did you just yeah I think it's just a little off of a -- -- get a job but they've also was that is the sensational round. Two two he's they've also across America to -- -- -- -- -- -- dates George hay from our breaking news ignore what's our US show told birdies and seventeen petty BST -- problems sources.

Breakingviews: Asos' cyber tumble

Thursday, Jun 05, 2014 - 03:47

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