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Breakingviews: GM's contrition culture

Thursday, Jun 05, 2014 - 03:21

June 5 - Rob Cox and Antony Currie discuss whether the automaker's abject apologies for deaths from its faulty ignition switches can help fix its bureaucratic shortcomings.

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The General Motors has issued a huge Mea culpa. As it's released this huge report from Anton Lucas who is a serve outside lawyer who's looked at into the deaths of thirteen people as a result of some faulty. Ignition switches -- what are we seeing so far coming out a press conference sweating. Is -- entry has -- barrel really hats. Hit parity contrition Ryan on the Iraqis. I -- has got a great deal and it Garcia who was yeah editing you know parachuted in whatever night about it I changed it nitrogen in January of them -- she's been accompanied that he is how many positions that. But she -- she is and just got great the only wiggle room here because this this appointments in the -- -- school. Is pretty damning is not out yet related sighting in the press conference -- them and the he's gone -- and sent it. Over the period eleven users and confidence in Australia that's just the whole slew of things that the company go wrong lawyer up C. Relatively senior positions but -- luckily. But at some Barry's been saved and and they and the other match and other members of the management team. What is -- what is it telling us about General Motors is this just a much bigger problem to solve and sort of firing fifteen people -- and they actually it's really got culture isn't it this is the thing look at what we've always organize in overseas is that breaking views. Is that old GM did in its bankruptcy in 2009 government funded bankruptcy was to -- the numbers very quickly. I think get get back on the same -- that -- you never -- that I went out to Detroit and we met with them while they were still as part of part of the government yeah and and we came back with a conclusion that hold on. Don't rush. -- out -- the I feel like it's one thing disc changer. Balance -- and excel spreadsheet. It's another thing to completely change the culture in the way in manhunt takes a long time either have fought for example when Alan Mulally is about to -- the -- he came in 2006. And oddly it took until 2002012. But to fully come straight. That you go to GM which has to go through bankruptcy Stiles -- -- changing process is hopeful. And he still trying to get an even down like this in the previous idea. Would say even as they've lost in the Winston in -- in the first few innings of a changing its -- what this report doesn't what the problem those shows just how the early in the game. And it can be isn't a right to marry Barry's is is fully Messina again she doesn't have a great choice but. They either go see what banks he has yet -- ticked all the media banks the assailant was that -- kinda sorry you have some money and I will put this behind she's saying these capsules that I do not want to put this behind this. This has to be front and center in our minds. Very long time otherwise we're not gonna -- enough missed that. We can which we can find people intensive processes but that's not enough that sounds like -- -- to be -- her next option be running and on Wall Street bounced back. What can have an odd dashing doubted I'd I'd guess you'd want it but yes certainly has its milk anyway we -- woods and a key chain dongle problems other problems but I. But she's gotten the seat -- much better that it has said they come at the right what the issue is -- -- then translate that all these good intentions come with. In -- ways of changing -- culture. Properly over the long -- is. Guys -- and get the report I'm sure he'll dig through it and we will have more from breaking news on that.

Breakingviews: GM's contrition culture

Thursday, Jun 05, 2014 - 03:21

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