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Breakingviews: Britain is Europe's IPO weak link

Monday, Jun 09, 2014 - 03:22

June 9 - This year’s top IPOs have returned. But while London has raised the most cash, its flotation frenzy has dented Europe’s performance.

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London is spoiling Europe's IPO party Quentin Webb has written a piece -- of breaking news this morning I'm. Just tell us through that that that the basic numbers because if you look at Europe and you comparative UK. The retirement of that's right yes I guess think the pizza -- astronauts -- is that there's a bit of an IKEA and being on the way in Europe this year. But if you're an investor would -- be -- -- pizza and find some new deals way often accompanies a slightly unknown quantities what she just fine index instead. Now across Europe it looks like you people until the ten biggest deals there's a lot of variation of course but if you go into all ten of the biggest deals that will be back to return. Than just buying the index instead your dismay some in like 14%. This is let's say five or six cents on the index a problem. Well London is a bit of a -- I'm afraid not any is it the biggest sense of -- PA's hosted big financial counsel. There's been more capital raised here and elsewhere in Europe any other. Single -- for the bulls have been some more. Dog some deals I'm gone well so I actually. He basically made no new attendant told a few facts the biggest deals in London right and you would have done better just to invest in the 5350. Acting with less risk -- and -- and of course we do we we we prefer -- -- in that today as well which which looks at that no end of the range. Again. A little bit disappointing. Interesting this the statistic -- -- -- the deal signs ranged over two billion for Europe over two billion down -- a back a hundred million. And from London the top 970. Millions down to about 400 million -- interesting that that that this is a success while while we've seen. Nothing bigger in London. Well it's a reminder actually that a lot of I -- a really sort of mid cap companies is quite Brad you know it's not often you get some in the size of then -- let's say coming to market as a kind of fully fledged multi multibillion dollar company. Often these this sort of 123. Billion. Parent company selling maybe a quarter of Sanchez. These these -- the numbers from the 14% return investor's nightmare returns London. What are the numbers telling us. The most importantly what what -- -- what -- what it -- saying whatever what it reflects I think is that in London things may be. Got a bit if I had themselves there a couple of deals in. February and march which really didn't get a -- too well I've reprise their bit pointy end. When they have -- of -- went ten of those details. Investors who stayed in would have lost money. So to actually what this reflects is may be a bit of welcome quotient coming into the market we are having all the people saying. I'm getting a bit cautious about the deals I'm overwhelmed with -- prospectuses. -- being -- here bat walked. On buy into you know the cash upon how out of the beginning the extremists in the deals is running. A little bit -- all right very different many things right -- can frequencies of course on the breaking news website. If you want to -- our US breaking news show at 12:30 eastern 1730. Bsc. I'm acts of trouble is prices.

Breakingviews: Britain is Europe's IPO weak link

Monday, Jun 09, 2014 - 03:22

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