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Reuters Asks: What’s the biggest investment risk?

Wednesday, Jun 18, 2014 - 02:44

June 18 - The hedge fund industry meets at the annual GAIM conference in Monaco. Reuters asks the experts what they see as the biggest investment risk in the months to come.

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No okay. The view we have is the single biggest risk to markets. It is me why isn't interest rates especially in the US and England. Faster than most people predicted giving me a steepening -- I think. This should begin to think about -- federation. And about it. This evening long and you'll hurts me especially in the states and -- it. And my biggest instead I suppose is the line. Collapsing. Biggest investment risk and the next twelve to eighteen months. Could be mistaken aggression. Southeast Asia. China and anyone of their neighbors. By accident. Since. Could escalate and cause a lot of friction. Places where you wouldn't expect. -- then next. Sixth home -- and only that's the main risk foreign nationals. Despite a third test from complacency in the markets. Let's see if not you know nearly every single indicate our final three weeks. And deep balls and moves through through holes. Very narrow crack spreads the earnings front -- Stallone won't when everything is an operation -- but. -- don't don't mind. It's a lack of recognition. By -- it's what's going home on the ground in some of the -- emerging investor places in the world whether it's Ukraine and whether -- Iraq. And in that. Fundamental. Result of these risks can be seen just very clearly by something like oil price. The billions of dollars in fixed costs and northwestern for a 10215. Dollars. He's going to impact. The west -- a much greater extent in the amount of money. On the grounds -- prisons. The biggest investment is certainly isn't -- I saved because. We've got a lot of pressure on all the sides in Europe. In many other places. So why do you -- -- involves a huge risk when asked the question like. It's always good to be conventional so I would say it's Central Bank Chris related CD increasing interest rates. -- And that is the big stories very well covered. But it's we'll cover for his.

Reuters Asks: What’s the biggest investment risk?

Wednesday, Jun 18, 2014 - 02:44

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