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Breakingviews: A patently Tesla ruling

Friday, Jun 20, 2014 - 03:54

Breakingviews editors discuss the shared vision of the U.S. Supreme Court and the electric carmaker to open up intellectual property and curb costly litigation.

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He's supposedly low lights on the Supreme Court and entrepreneur or Ilan mosque. Found some common ground. Big ruling from the Supreme Court yesterday. Ran that patents -- the topic. Patents and patents on that topic has been a big year for the Supreme Court and -- lots of cases driven by the proliferation. Of lawsuits litigation. Apple Samsung big money involved. So the Supreme Court has had to get involved yesterday came down with a decision involved. A -- essentially mathematical formula an abstract idea which is not ordinarily patent. But this company this. You know particular financial firms said look. We're gonna take this way of sort of penalty -- we're gonna run up for a computer and that's gonna make it. Unique enough in concrete enough to deserve a pat gross parts that come out that's crazy that's not a this help tell this kind of stuck with the way they've they've -- about -- -- -- wasn't an easy question I mean this is a bit of funny but the issue for for a while but but they made it sort of fated pass proposals as a lot of different kinds of things that people think software wise. Might have -- -- -- well and are really -- and let me just make clear I mean they did not say software patents are up that police have looked just this stress I feel like this right is just not in Florida. But we think. You know but clearly they must have had in mind this whole background of the fact that -- got -- control. And it and they. Clearly encouraged. These you know could encourage the use -- -- what -- not being close and justices which is which was unanimous comes right on the heels of how much I saw us there was -- all of us in on Moscow last week said look we're gonna share or patented technology. And he that I can is anybody -- and in good faith. Because we think it's good world. Our industry I mean we're not all out off to mystic as we -- him develop the electric car industry. Allow people. Develop batteries and charging stay with -- also guiding philosophy there about. Let's make some things open the philosophy is share don't war that's proven out over history and look Silicon Valley is where it is today. Because -- whole ethic is this year expertise. Sheer nations. And really experts transform the industry from where it had them write about and that opened it up when when -- -- moved to Silicon -- -- -- yup and -- and we looked and and and really surpassed that everybody. Lot of people forget Boston's route one when he was sort of the engine. The epicenter protect develop what 2030 years ago. And it didn't see it didn't have issues have -- old style protect your technology. And force patents and that didn't work compare with what happens how big impact will these two decisions. A big public figure like yard mark the Supreme Court coming got a how long -- bigger war that's going off the again. Hard to say but you know look I mean as you pointed out -- you have two very different forces here you have a entrepreneur very tech savvy and you have the Supreme Court I mean these people. These men and women -- -- -- they've they've been written advance Friday July and I. You know they talk about the I'd drop in the apple clowns start it doesn't make sense but they usually come out right and if they think this is -- problems patent litigation. Explosion. And mosque things that the problem. Then clearly you have joining in the minds could which I think could really make a difference we will have to -- -- mean you have no. Different sides of the spectrum right thing we've got to do something about that here's how we think this stuff what congress. That's going to be that's going to be our hour before thanks ran we will leave apparently will be back with more -- -- next week.

Breakingviews: A patently Tesla ruling

Friday, Jun 20, 2014 - 03:54

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