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Reuters Breakingviews: AbbVie must dig deeper to win Shire

Friday, Jun 20, 2014 - 03:31

June 20 - Shire rejects AbbVie's £26bln bid proposal. Breakingviews says likely synergies and possible rival offers justify the rebuttal, but the target can't be complacent about investor support.

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China has rejected that these 46 billion dollar takeover of -- or another rejection of the US company. For UK saw my what does breaking news think about all of -- -- Obama has been following the story was told about this before Neil from. 30% premium shots valiantly -- Ali Ali right tip tip them to keep this on my. Sutton and certainly I mean I think there the problem is that size. Who always been in place for the last twenty years sometime officer. Establishing what we understand price and with a premium should be as a somewhat contentious matter but it's it's clear I mean we can be written before. It's quite likely that could be more Protestants come it's like it's so. Every -- hold on anything here without going to sound too cynical to hold don't -- -- it has actually paramedics rehashing exactly the same don't -- was so with -- and AstraZeneca. So we have an -- you respite. We have. The defendant talking with him relishing the tax aspect of the deal with trillions of attacks in violation and allowed you to indicate it's tough business to the UK it's time -- -- Bush -- text based is in -- and on and so eruption tax aspects to campus and book. Tons and it'll be. Very different I will it'll be if it looks similar but we think it'll be different outcome and because of we could think silent at the same is hard to tell -- they think -- have the same kind of political score around it. Yeah which is what you and I have talked about the other day you. I'm what worked well Abbie. The aptly fits itself is again we talked the other debt Fabrice Moscow by Amgen Iraqi he had about -- -- Ultimately happy it's actually also is the right price is it the right company. She shot it up with a price it will be the right company. And get -- don't think it's -- -- he's -- the president's strategy yet will be added that the synergies. An overlap is not massive. You know appease a lot of this money come from off try to show sells ADHD drugs. -- to try to Harlem residents. This size is no no more idea that you -- not to be to be much more now but I -- Say that the that if not a perfect overlap and very special standards of pharma says there's not a lot of synergies being ripped out in terms of sales like confront. But I mean -- So -- as the rest of the proxy. It's not seem to have people like and I'm -- it makes broad strategic sense. Be the final point you made one of the points you making your pieces is is. -- can't be complacent about -- sport so he needs to be capsule. You know how how long can it hold out. How cynical kind of idea about it. -- the -- -- -- -- and -- shots and that's literally what it makes it less lions will relies on a typical. But that's that's thirty days clearly saw mr. Huntsman can't hide the and -- rifled it. And that will pretty much to -- and it -- knows who the shelves and to put the show -- But I AstraZeneca go bruised as we so when I'm a pretty angry -- -- we have been very keen for. Two to encourage pastor to engage myself to fight a defensive. Efficiency and it seems -- twice and they were -- will be hard. And they didn't with AstraZeneca field. Okay good that was or whether it's Oregon Neal thanks very much indeed Obama from breaking years the show is atrocities and seventeenth that it EST. And -- problem sources.

Reuters Breakingviews: AbbVie must dig deeper to win Shire

Friday, Jun 20, 2014 - 03:31

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