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Germany PMIs: Manufacturing motors, services sputter

Monday, Jun 23, 2014 - 02:38

June 23 - Germany’s latest PMI numbers show expansion for a 14th month, but the pace slows as rising input costs hit services. Full analysis with Markit's Senior Economist Rob Dobson.

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Germany's latest PMI numbers just sound and headline figure is down on lost Simon holds out an expansionary territory for fourteen straight month with me is rob Dobson. Senior economist and market. I was of course compiles some time. Which is out front titles while -- this week Germany looks pretty -- it's a very similar sorts of last month but. Face analyst toll chairman indexes coming down to the prevalent kind of -- highs. As signaling that may be that might be a little bit of a lost momentum in the gym economy as a whole. Serious attitude to us and slice of the manufacturing activity full -- -- rising slightly -- But again -- evil good pulse of numbers strong gross. Probably coming in around about no point 7% GDP in the second quarter hole it just a top down but kitchen she won them. Of -- -- race yet I was at a loss that would happen the points that I think -- Bundesbank of respondents saying we have a seriously Daniels went seven. Where is saying it's going to be around I would not seeing momentum coming off two emotional -- cool tea but it is definite signs of cynicism Monday touching the science finally. Mean this is just holding look those tsunamis are coming into second cup yet. We should see the economy continues to go along to these people -- -- damage and business expectations or some truth now backs up all of us with what we've seen from. He Ference that he governor -- what what's what what what you see that office sent away seeing -- I was talking about to sit. Increased expenditures things such as -- what should place the -- in the second half the year and -- a 2015. Both -- seen in treatment ten minutes just in general underlying economic conditions Jim and it basically companies are still seeing -- coming thing. And ask you can take us. -- What does he got ECB needs mentoring a mature about it every month but this. But ECB houses don't something recently has made few minor changes to its policy in a negative interest rates full banks holding visitors. And it cooks in the main. Did lending rates. But again I think what we're gonna see is to concede the ECB. It's just a month to chip that users hold doesn't pickle if he continues to see unit it's safe transformed it probably sixteen big disparity. Between the -- two economies. That maybe in my opted to benefit of making me -- on the QB line. Linkedin you'll next has some time what does the chops for and your. -- son -- being -- he -- -- -- pretty good chip and unemployment spend most of your lowest in the USA as a whole what we see in the numbers today we see unit. Okay shall continue in chimney can only modest predicament of unemployment they said let. Think technique -- you have such costly situation like can say for example peripheral countries. But I have to look to chip and employment.

Germany PMIs: Manufacturing motors, services sputter

Monday, Jun 23, 2014 - 02:38

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