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Breakingviews: Syngenta may have to tend to its own garden

Tuesday, Jun 24, 2014 - 02:31

June 24 - A report says Syngenta has held abortive talks with Monsanto. If no deal emerges, the bid talk should pressure Syngenta to tend to its own garden, says Breakingviews.

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Talk all they Monsanto's Syngenta time -- from shows -- engines are on the back committed a second to breaking views and Obama has been that. Looking into this story I'm just tell us that's what's going on it actually looks like the the very protective suits him expressing some what -- so we've seen a lot of phone companies looking back it was right on the companies which case the US the UK. Excellent we hear him attack now -- seems to be spreading to. Two tonight for chemical and couldn't see business clearly what's at stake is. Sometimes protect themselves -- 50% switch from. The recipient factually that sort of lopsided deal out of there some strategic logic to it -- combining school. Ex exploiting what he's 200 chemicals and seeds what what what audio schools professed golf shall it be antitrust issues. Prompted the the biggest obstacles you need to. Spin off some pool -- center to see business. -- economy. Comes from you moments stimulus that would be -- -- -- have much positive sentiment as he needs quantify that for -- But it gives you. Financial crisis and anything which is 21 item in the business of tax questions is tricky because known -- the people of this -- how long -- -- his story. Exactly exactly and then let's face it -- that they did the Baltimore invest in deals like this. Happened Billy Hunter is delighted that -- that a -- -- a -- this Arab Syngenta shares up what six an awesome for some this morning given the obstacles. Given that the shadow of of the US authorities looking -- us. Com is that every done I think it's. Albeit probably reasonable way and I think taxing questions people viewed us for quite a few more months now about me. -- -- any potential targets of the I don't AppleTV to -- some other shows like sentient being with us there can -- Lost wasn't into stock price has evolved for increasingly seen as you -- -- -- -- it doesn't discount it is about pressure from. To even if this still doesn't -- us -- different groups -- -- probably -- the markets more announcements. Know many thanks for that what's -- space on this one Tom Dorsey US celebrating the show told that he system to tell -- PST. -- -- problem sources.

Breakingviews: Syngenta may have to tend to its own garden

Tuesday, Jun 24, 2014 - 02:31

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