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Transformers stars walk New York red carpet

Thursday, Jun 26, 2014 - 01:59

The cast of Transformers: Age of Extinction celebrates the film's opening in New York. Helen Long reports.

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Movie fans turned out in force for the New York premiere of "Transformers: Age of Extinction" on Wednesday (June 25). With a fresh cast, director Michael Bay's fourth installment of the smash-hit Transformers franchise is given a re-boot. Cool as ice, Oscar-nominated Mark Wahlberg takes over from Shia LeBeouf in the lead role. SOUNDBITE (English) Mark Wahlberg, Actor, saying: "No. You don't think about the pressure or you know, the last films. You know you're in good hands with Michael. I loved working with him, I knew I would be in a really cool situation creativity to kind of come up with my own version of the character. And that's exactly what we did." Wahlberg plays a mechanic in the movie, who inadvertently discovers that a truck he's working on is a Transformer and is soon drawn into the battle between the benevolent Autobots and the dastardly Decepticons. The movie also features "Frasier" star, Kelsey Grammer, who gets to unleash his inner 'bad guy'. SOUNDBITE Kelsey Grammer, Actor, saying, (English): "It was a lot of fun. I'm a good bad guy, I mean I get it." The Summer blockbuster's world premiere took place in Hong Kong where much of the filming took place and stars a clutch of Chinese actors - including "Resident Evil: Retribution" star, Li Bingbing. The rising international star and fashion icon gets to show off her Kung Fu skills in the movie in a specially devised fight scene. SOUNDBITE Bingbing Li, Actress, saying, (English): "Because it was a fight scene I had to be trained for more than 10 days. But Michael, always Michael. He changed our choreographing on set in one second. So you have to be - be challenged every minute. But I love to work with him." With the Transformer trilogy generating $2.7 billion in global box offices ticket sales, "Age of Extinction" is tipped to become one the year's biggest grossing movies, thanks in part to a growing Chinese fan base. But a law suit launched by Chinese promotional partner Pangu, accusing Paramount Pictures and its associates of breaching the terms of its promotional agreement, could dent profits if successful.

Transformers stars walk New York red carpet

Thursday, Jun 26, 2014 - 01:59

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