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Fear and hardship in Slaviansk

Tuesday, Jul 01, 2014 - 01:39

Residents of the eastern Ukrainian town of Slaviansk, a stronghold of pro-Russian separatists, fear more shelling as President Petro Poroshenko ends 10-day ceasefire. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

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In the separatist strong hold of Slaviansk in eastern Ukraine, they are asking, "what ceasefire?" Parts of the city now look like a scenes from the apocalypse. Homes are broken open. The life people once had shattered. With Ukrainian President Petro Porosenko now declaring the end of a ceasefire, separatists are standing their ground. (SOUNDBITE) (Russian) REBELS' GUARD AT THE CHECKPOINT, SERGEI DAVYDOV, SAYING: "Somehow I didn't quite see that ceasefire. The Ukrainian forces have been shelling us all the time, and there never really was a ceasefire. They hit residential neighborhoods. It is not clear why they do that-- maybe to intimidate people. It's just nonsense." Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to defend the interests of ethnic Russians abroad. He says Poroshenko will bear full responsibility for veering off the road to peace. In Slaviansk, hardship is becoming part of every day life. Electricity and water have been cut off. As they line up for water, talk is of politics and war. (SOUNDBITE) (Russian) RESIDENT OF SLAVIANSK, TAMARA LAZAREVA, SAYING: "If I need to go shopping I feel too scared to go outside. Yesterday I was about to go to a shop when shelling started. Later I was getting ready to go for water but shelling started again. So I had to come back. In the evening I wanted to put the garbage out, but there was shelling again. We ended up spending half the day in the basement until midnight." Poroshenko expressed willingness to return to a ceasefire if it became clear that all sides were ready to carry out all aspects of his peace plan.

Fear and hardship in Slaviansk

Tuesday, Jul 01, 2014 - 01:39

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