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Legal weed no a-pot-calypse: Colorado governor

Monday, Jun 30, 2014 - 02:58

Six months into its experiment in legalized recreational marijuana, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper tells Reuters Political Correspondent Andy Sullivan that the state hasn't seen a spike in pot use.

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I'm Andy Sullivan in Colorado where recreational marijuana has been legal for six months now. Anybody can walk into a store like silver peak of -- the -- here and has been in by a joint. This one costs 23 dollars and 86 cents with tax. Since legalizing weed crime is down tax revenues are up in the industry says it's created more than 2000 jobs in the state. I spoke with governor John Hickenlooper to get his take on how the status -- six months and a legalization experience. You oppose the idea initially what's your assessment of how that's going in what if any problem. And have -- It's it's never easy to do something that's never been done before right -- your -- trying to create regulations from. From ground zero. I think we've got a good job I think most of the actors in the industry are honest and and have you know want to operate with the highest integrity. But we do see what I've been concerned from the very beginning it is that I -- this. You know especially for kids just ITC a lot of neuroscientist are very concerned about. Implications for long term memory for adolescents and teenagers. They're very concerned about. You know the kids who might have an inclination towards -- idea -- had severe bipolar. They think sometimes I TC now -- and accelerate the onset and exaggerate the the the reaction. And those things we should be taking very seriously. -- award that did a lot of kids especially teenagers. There's some indications that day. Since legal department that it's no different than here is there any evidence that it's easier for underage kids to get near one in six months ago. Now we have seen that. And it's you know to be quite blunt in this country -- reasons so many people voted to legalize it wasn't that pretty easy to get it. For decades. And I think that. The difference now we asked people you know he's looking now on now you -- before. Posted big -- so far that seems like the people that was smoking before I mean the people that was smoking now. And if that's the case what what that means is that. We're not gonna have hired from driving toward driving while high would not at some of those problems we are gonna have you know. What -- got a system where we're actually regulating and taxing something keeping up money. Kind of mistake Colorado's been -- in Colorado who would be paid to grow it. And we're not supporting a rough system dance and he changed your mind you -- -- now good ideas. We're still size of it wasn't a good idea for the first date. Boat and as I've said this a number of times and it's going to be -- wanna raise social experiments. The first half the 21 century. We're gonna do everything we can make war by our our voters vote report. Not just knew about -- all of our elected officials have an obligation trying to make this succeed if we do it if we can regulate the situation that we do mitigate that hazard to young people. Maybe maybe there's. Governor in the rethink some street that.

Legal weed no a-pot-calypse: Colorado governor

Monday, Jun 30, 2014 - 02:58

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