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Small California town at center of immigration debate

Thursday, Jul 03, 2014 - 01:41

Over 1,000 people cram into town hall at the small San Diego suburb of Murrieta to protest plans by the federal government to temporarily house illegal migrants near their town. Mana Rabiee reports.

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Emotions ran high outside an immigration town hall meeting in Murrieta. NATS PROTESTER "Support Americans, not illegals!" The small California town has been thrust into the center of a growing immigration debate... NATS COUNTER PROTESTER SAYING "YES, WE CAN!" IN SPANISH "Si, se puede, si se puede!" Where to temporarily put bus loads of undocumented migrants, like the families that were bound for a nearby Border Patrol station earlier this week... NATS ANGRY CROWD Only to have angry residents of this the San Diego suburb force them away. NATS ANGRY CROWD "U-S-A!" U.S. immigration authorities can't keep up with the surge of undocumented migrants in recent months, many of them families and minors traveling alone. They've overwhelmed federal detention centers. So authorities are setting up overflow sites in California and other states in the Southwest to help manage the influx. SOUNDBITE: UNIDENTIFIED MAN ASKING LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES IN TOWN HALL: "Are you the type of men that will draw a line in the sand in Murrieta, California today, on this Independence Day?" NATS CROWD CHEERS In Murrieta, at least a thousands residents crammed into town hall to tell their mayor -- 'no thank you'. SOUNDBITE: TOWN HALL PARTICIPANT "...a real handle on what this is costing us out of our pockets. And, please, use the the word illegal aliens. They came across the border illegally!" NATS CROWD CHEERS Marietta's mayor said even more immigrants are set to arrive in the coming days. He'll send Washington a "fat bill" , he said, for the town's expenses. SOUNDBITE: Murrieta Mayor Alan Long SAYING: "Change needs to occur at the federal level in many ways." NATS ANGRY MAN SHOUTING TO COPS OUTSIDE TOWN HALL BUILDING "I want to go in there!" A spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement says authorities are being careful not to disclose the latest whereabouts of the detainees. They don't want "mobs" to go down and -- in her words -- "root out those people". NATS PROTESTER SAYING TO SMALL CROWD "They can be deported back..."

Small California town at center of immigration debate

Thursday, Jul 03, 2014 - 01:41

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