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Breakingviews: Outfoxing Rupert Murdoch

Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014 - 03:19

Antony Currie and Robert Cyran explain that Murdoch may have to surrender one of his cherished possessions if he wants to buy Time Warner: his super-voting stock in Twenty-First Century Fox.

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Rupert Murdoch is going back only acquisition trail at least he's trying to. It's some folks is just offered 89 billion full Time Warner bought the deal's been rejected -- certain. You'll look you know as -- with very general Cox and it's not just the price -- serious problem and it's it's what he's -- thing with the other -- problem is that he's offering stock in the stock is offering is nonvoting shares. And you have to be a little bit has to be -- take that because. Shareholders are a bit unhappy with -- camera over the years if you Michelle was -- -- yes -- dollars and fox wanted to actually get a vote because Vietnam brings brings us. The ones who actually had to get the -- have voted in payroll these sorts of things Ian. Vertical with 39% of the vote which is way more than you can ask of you see this very anxious he's a statement sent it's a good years then -- -- -- their protest that's been in and the people who. Don't besides where are they put before independent directors they've voted against Murdoch's songs on the board they voted against compensation and in none of this really matters. And that the promise that unity you're you're. If you are Time Warner you're you're saddling your shareholders witness paper which it's just -- said its its greatest the a company science thing you know I shambles matter anything -- biased and you gonna be patient and by you know giving him enough -- so what does that guided we've got here is that that mount options. Be willing. To get rid of this agreement instruction yet that the problem is of course that one of the reasons he's able to do this deal is that he has the -- structure. Because. You know to do big deal like this obviously there's there's a lot of risk involved and -- shareholders may not be so. Enthusiastic about the deal I think Fox's story out this and if we wouldn't do this week settle CNN so that's a building night and it's an issue yet and and there -- other things you know like for instance on the other potential buyers that are also engaged in transactions regulators are looking at this. Yeah other deals so maybe there'd be demand extra pound of flesh. So you know time -- what Time Warner is doing is they're trying to basically -- the water perhaps could hire hired him present at a zoning is an age if you Time Warner unit is she thinking boat unit. -- -- -- -- To some extent if -- company over the final estimates it which he's done but what happens when this this this and he gets to get into what happened. He's -- down button I want isn't a need for the AC but it -- anywhere from minutes ago. Well it means one reason -- courses to -- -- -- council audits of the good -- them that's potentially another it's because well because you know -- over from where Iraqis -- you know. You may be unhappy these created a lot of value of the years. You know what his -- to this thing that's much Saturday ABC. Potential one night coming in I think it union. You company's new media would have -- -- pupils of being an -- Spiegel has its own yet Angel -- Amazon perhaps they're starting -- -- on the edges you know we'll see I think it's a bit early for them you know in May be in a couple years -- -- more developed an -- marched -- a giant acquisitions like this. Right now it -- run the risk of look like AOL Time Warner in Iraq and homeless and -- well. A hot story. And -- still can't happen without. All right. -- and thanks very much and will be back with more pregnancies.

Breakingviews: Outfoxing Rupert Murdoch

Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014 - 03:19

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