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Embracing skeletons unearthed in Russia

Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014 - 01:26

Russian archaeologists discover an unusual pair of skeletons from the Bronze Age. Sharon Reich reports.

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STORY: Archeologists in southern Russia discovered a mysterious grave containing skeletons of a couple from the 15th century that were holding hands and facing each other - a pose that is very unusual for burials of this period. SOUNDBITE: Archaeologist Igor Gudimenko saying (Russian): "It's quite unusual for the Middle Bronze age, because usually in the Bronze Age burials, if there are two or more people buried together, like a family burial - with a man, his wife and a child - the woman usually lies behind the man's back in subordinate position and a child behind the woman's back. So this is considered standard placement. But burials like this one are quite rare for the Middle Bronze Age, I've never seen anything like that." Anthropologists are working on determining the couple's age and sex. In addition to the couple, a burial of a child was also unearthed. SOUNDBITE: Archaeologist Igor Gudimenko saying (Russian): "The base of the skull, where it is attached to the spine, had been fractured or knocked out and burning coal had been placed inside. The brain was removed and replaced by burning coal. And there are obvious traces of heating inside the skull. So it's evident that coal was still hot. It could be some ritual action. We are not sure for now." This is the second discovery archaeologists made in the area this year. Thirteen burials containing a lot of artifacts were discovered close to the town of Azov in April.

Embracing skeletons unearthed in Russia

Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014 - 01:26

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