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Breakingviews: Liberty’s global ambition

Thursday, Jul 17, 2014 - 02:20

July 17 - Liberty Global has bought 6.4% of ITV from BSkyB. In time it could bid for the whole of the British broadcaster, says Breakingviews.

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Ever seek medical eventually did report by TV that's according to breaking views and Quincy Webb joins me now -- -- -- so much for being with us that Clinton. Some ICP shares of rising 7%. Today how much is it down to speculation that it might. Go ahead and bid for the rest of my TV. I think it's almost entirely. That's not neither is. Confirmation stated that he does not intend to bid for the whole of the company. But on its UK takeover rules this is really any -- six months not commitment could fall away if for example another company came animated taxpayer it. Say the market is certainly starting to price and the prospect of -- take over at some point in the future. Now and this of course looking six irons and beef up its operations. And the expansion plan and an ITV ITV is Willis in it can be quite difficult to integration that when it black. Well it's a bit of a different thing from what Libby team Manges in which is. Content -- distribution networks in Europe -- cable -- but we're starting to see -- change -- focus of -- -- -- will free media which is a production company. That reports reinstated in Formula One say this is we've towards and a marriage of content and distribution. What does this tell us about the media industry as a whole because there's been some consolidation that's happened even before this deal today. Would you could put this in a much wider context because it's by itself is preparing. To try and unifying. Well with it's a store operations in Italy and Germany which currently controlled by folks intend Fox's guys' biggest shareholder. And that might be seen as a way of helping folks developed a bigger war chest to go off to Time Warner say or the pieces on the chest border and. A meeting around anthrax thank you for except Clinton who -- from breaking views that talking about that legacy. I TV deal today I'm -- off and this is what is.

Breakingviews: Liberty’s global ambition

Thursday, Jul 17, 2014 - 02:20

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