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Breakingviews: Reckitt ditches Suboxone

4:30am EDT - 03:44

Reckitt Benckiser, maker of Durex and Nurofen, is demerging its pharma business whose lead product is a heroin substitute. Revenue and profit declines mean valuations could be thin says Breakingviews.

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From a -- -- -- -- keys plans to -- emergence prescription drugs -- I'm breaking views on its headline says this looks like cold Turkey. Robert -- Signal today are active as a reason uses for. Yet gotten out it's it's it you know a bit this illegal to be frank doesn't look right you know it is a bit of the profits have been declining. Speak competition from generic drugs -- that common in some books and his heroin substitute. -- and so you know you. There is a big question mark about who would want to spot hoodlum who wouldn't invest -- -- hang -- to investment if it's if it's big team so who. You know a bit of it Nolte with the expression I think with the best in the world this is not the most beautiful looking company in in the world. Hartley. What will come out in this piece is also the slight double told Tuesday's. Boundaries there's actually a good thing. -- to be a pretty awful but it -- -- it -- -- well. It's all those of you so go to the program revenue but. They seem to be the wrong thing to do because this prescription pharmaceutical drugs -- or so units both -- looks increasingly. Al took place within -- a much more of a brand it. That's -- -- consumer facing. Company. And so is good for racquet to sort of put it's 01 sought but I think it might be good for for this company is well. -- and gave it's management stated -- concentration. All and what it's called a moment on -- -- the competition and to to broaden it ought to pay of just progress or. Evaluation I -- Deutsche about his at a two point nine billion pounds. Anyone that has been arranged -- 265. Billion I'm. -- listing. -- sales you know what what's best for this company. Well I think the the assumption would be that it be a traits I would probably give a better price. I'm I'm that's true in vick's case but missiles would generate the pace. Across across the pace. An ops of point you know. Record and these are saying look we've got a lot PO it bristles I'm not so well a lot -- -- comes along and -- most of most of by. Frankly I think that those and valuation. Numbers -- you come up with a old quite. And -- quite punchy product and -- I wouldn't be at all surprised if a violation of its kind in below the ultimate this is. If we finish up with the head of the -- customers Hammond is so it's not just -- yet. You know we've we've heard from GSK this morning as well we've heard from -- on this morning as well yeah this is an emerging. It was quite good to have enough to -- that the whole slew of dynamic nature of called profiles pleases the company's. And then -- does it look bad cynics will say what that means -- this I've wanted to unity and -- of these kind of things but these kind of prices of these contracts taxes to cover very about it. Row which is tell you keep companies on the toes. To make them efficient and and -- in the face and almost saying here across the street very large companies. Is that your. That's taking place in -- quote nice topic. Our guest Robert many thanks of that of -- and trying to -- out of breaking news site you're watching US bring the issue or -- things and some confetti. BST. -- problems is to.

Breakingviews: Reckitt ditches Suboxone

4:30am EDT - 03:44

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