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Breakingviews: Deutsche’s push back

4:30am EDT - 03:33

Deutsche Bank is under fire from U.S. regulators for poor financial reporting. It revamped strategy, but making investors believe culture has changed will take much longer, says Breakingviews.

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Then you start to buying just got pushed back again that's according to breaking these and he just told about this is George -- -- Isn't the first time that two to act has been rapped on the knuckles isn't it. And medicine no not by I had regulated this one is from the US regulator in this saying. You know in the last ten years has been he -- he -- financial reporting in -- which makes you excel home. As you say. Closest I mean Germany about the inherent regulators say it. We call it -- with the way he handled -- -- Poole president Hugo issues with the way that you then that we've set. These derivatives deals that you -- for wanting to pass the inner city say it's not it's not uncommon for doing -- to get kind of -- -- -- over colds in this way a -- one thing we would say is. It's also not uncommon at the moment of the banks all slave to hit and rapped over the knuckles by the US regulates the US for doing so deep that any this year. For a number of foreign by 2008 BC you know BS. The news didn't -- didn't do -- space do you intend to disclosure -- the US stress tests say it's not been taught he -- keeping. And -- full scale elsewhere. So what does it tell us about Deutsche Bank's moved to rebound itself. But it's quite it's -- what to expect because in the last couple months they've had this kind of them. As of -- analytical okay. On capitol on all strategy we need to change things and say they've raised -- -- -- those old capsule has increase that -- their policies ability. They all say and kind of said. We are gonna stay in fixed income all become a power -- investment bank a problem investment. How we can abet the sea sickness slowdown in fixing them is cyclical unlike -- -- -- investment. They've they've -- to speak. Kind of -- it's basically. And the -- good and we think unit that's full intensity that the typical -- -- is cultural war. Like that the big issue with Deutsche Bank -- people. They make -- themselves in the situation and went. People kind of expect them to be. Meaning having battles of the regulator. And bully needs to do is new -- back into a kind of situation where investors think. Yeah I have confidence in this in this institution and its culture. And -- -- and -- he says and say if that happened you might see that this kind of -- to trade to other -- in the market. Thoughts being -- And and and how typical is it to change that -- from inside and how much does this recent story. Now set -- two back behind. Well I think I mean as you can see invite this set process since there is -- is one of the office and office says. People off the facing this is a major and he said -- but it probably LC as a kind of incremental setback. Which reminds them of how I don't hunt called to a testing day I mean that the current financial soak it -- it to fit into -- and in Trenton 152016. It might take much longer than not. And this is genuine need to leave it to which is actually. Turned the corner. Thank you and tape it for breaking -- use them all attend assessing financial and signs. Want to US breaking the show every day at twelve says he east and seventeen cents -- EST I imagine all this is what is.

Breakingviews: Deutsche’s push back

4:30am EDT - 03:33

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