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Brazilian man may be the oldest living person

4:58pm EDT - 01:26

Brazilian man has a birth certificate that states he is 126 years old, which could make him the oldest recorded living person by a decade. Roselle Chen reports.

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A man from Brazil could be the oldest living person ever at 126 years old. Jose Aguinelo dos Santos, or Ze, as he's know at the rest home where he's lived since 1973, has identification and a birth certificate that states he was born on July 7, 1888. Officials say that Ze first arrived at the rest home with nothing but the clothes on his back. A judicial ruling made in 2001 states that Ze is 126 years old, but his age was estimated by a judge and hasn't yet been scientifically proven with carbon dating. Resident psychologist Mariana Canassa said that Ze still exhibits a playful personality after all these years. SOUNDBITE: Mariana Canassa, resident psychologist, saying (Portuguese): "He always likes to talk with people. He'll leave his room and go and sit on the veranda and make chit-chat. He can be a bit quieter than some but other times he is a joker. Sometimes things happen and he'll crack a joke." Ze was born to a former slave in a community founded by runaway slaves, and later worked as a laborer on farms and coffee plantations. According to the Guinness World Records the oldest ever living person was Japan's Jiroemon Kimura who passed away in 2013 at the age of 116.

Brazilian man may be the oldest living person

4:58pm EDT - 01:26

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