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TAKE 120: AMG gets the leg up on Legg Mason

Monday, Apr 08, 2013 - 02:34

Apr. 8 - Atlanta Capital's Chip Reed likes money management firm Affiliated Managers over rival Legg Mason because of its higher-margin product mix and solid acquisition strategy.

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And today is sick ones on pizza money management firms that have done pretty well and see it late Mason but she agreed you know leeches want to he's got to. Managed to make his case. Jeff -- won as an ally. It. It's self selecting. When they make acquisitions. They more -- that more interest in having them as a partner. Than simply looking for just the highest. Another error at the port numbers. Up a platform that allows its companies to -- So -- and distribution and back off people's -- Just see their arms around there Q does that make -- threat. I think longer term probably not short term maybe. Its interest in the business model that like me it is going after it was very. Long war. And in terms of -- products are inherently -- trying to create -- themselves with -- product -- Yes AMG's specifically they have a tendency to go after higher -- world turns and violence. In fact they actually thought it did it -- on and it -- net -- -- sounds like interstate purchase but hedge funds would not be typical for. That's necessarily the case over the last few years they've they've gone more more and all turn our rights and there really all over the terms of where they're trying to grow up. Except for fixed income lower margin business they tend to. She stops looks a little -- and had a good run if you look at -- he looks like it's a little bit topsy here with industry. It's a flight -- and 5% premium. The rest of the group but -- historically -- it is all pulpit that but I think. They have proven track record and frankly I think we deserve entry into the something even more substantial premium -- the group and they do. So what kind of an advanced CNN dot that your blog who's been on the -- I don't think it's yet. Percent. From here you. Chip Reid thanks for joining me this statement Monday I rush up there. And.

TAKE 120: AMG gets the leg up on Legg Mason

Monday, Apr 08, 2013 - 02:34

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