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Palestinians, Israeli forces clash in East Jerusalem

1:29pm EDT - 01:44

Israeli forces have clashed with Palestinian protesters outside a major mosque in Jerusalem, continuing nearly three weeks of bloody conflict that has left more than 800 people dead. Deborah Gembara reports.

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Israeli forces move in on Palestinian protesters outside Jerusalem's most important mosque. One man is arrested by an undercover Israeli policeman. The clashes in east Jerusalem began with Palestinians protesters hurling rocks and targeting Israeli forces with fireworks. It took place during Friday prayers, as the Israeli military offensive on Gaza moved into its 18th day. The death toll now stands at well over 800 and international pressure for a ceasefire is mounting. Among Israeli residents in Jerusalem, mixed feelings about the operation. SOUNDBITE: Jerusalem resident Aner Breminger saying: "The war can end in a week or two but the problems will stay forever and I don't see a real solution to the situation unless we can come to some sort of negotiation with the people, and that will probably take a long, long time. We are all standing with what we are doing right now, we all support it I believe, and we should finish what we started." Others are less supportive of the offensive, and the policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. SOUNDBITE:Jerusalem Resident Yair Hacohen saying: "I think we are paying now the price of ignoring and being arrogant towards the Palestinians. We have to understand that it's impossible, we cannot hold around a million people under siege." A diplomatic solution to the crisis is still being sought but there are no signs yet, of an imminent ceasefire.

Palestinians, Israeli forces clash in East Jerusalem

1:29pm EDT - 01:44

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