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Qualcomm accuses Apple of stealing its secrets to help Intel

Qualcomm Inc on Tuesday alleged that Apple Inc stole its trade secrets and gave them to Intel Corp to improve its chips, paving the way for Apple to use them instead of Qualcomm chips, the latest salvo in a drawn-out legal dispute between the companies.

No class action for unhappy Uber drivers: U.S. appeals court

Uber Technologies Inc won a legal victory on Tuesday as a federal appeals court said drivers seeking to be classified as employees rather than independent contractors must arbitrate their claims individually, and not pursue class-action lawsuits.

Oil extends rally as Trump reiterates commitment to Iran sanctions

Crude oil prices shot to a fresh four-year high on Tuesday, rallying as U.S. President Donald Trump spoke heatedly about Iran ahead of U.S. sanctions on the country's crude exports and bolstered by the apparent reluctance of OPEC and Russia to raise output to offset the potential hit to global supply.



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