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Juul copycats flood e-cig market, despite FDA rule

The sleek Juul electronic cigarettes have become a phenomenon at U.S. high schools, vexing educators and drawing regulatory scrutiny. Now, a new wave of lower-priced Juul knock-offs is showing up at convenience stores.


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Iran warns U.S., Israel of revenge after parade attack

The deputy head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards warned U.S. and Israeli leaders on Monday to expect a "devastating" response from Tehran, accusing them of involvement in an attack on a military parade in the city of Ahvaz.

Michael Kors snaps up Italy's Versace: sources

U.S. fashion group Michael Kors Holdings Ltd has agreed to take control of Italy's Versace in a deal that could value the company at $2 billion, sources familiar with the matter said on Monday.

Apple, Salesforce team up to bring Siri to more business apps

Apple Inc and Salesforce.com Inc are entering a partnership in which the iPhone maker will help Salesforce build the iPhone maker's features such as its Siri voice assistant deeper into Salesforce's own mobile apps, which are widely used in the sales and marketing industries.



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