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FILE PHOTO:    Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testifies before a Senate...

Sessions fires former FBI No. 2 McCabe

WASHINGTON - Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired the FBI's former No. 2 official Andrew McCabe, prompting McCabe to say he is being targeted because he is a crucial witness into whether President Donald Trump tried to obstruct the Russia investigation.


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Trump signs U.S.-Taiwan travel bill, angering China

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday signed legislation that encourages the United States to send senior officials to Taiwan to meet Taiwanese counterparts and vice versa, angering China, which views the self-ruled island as a wayward province.

Trump lawyer seeks $20 million damages from Stormy Daniels: filing

A law firm representing U.S. President Donald Trump and the corporation that paid porn actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 in what she called hush money over an alleged affair with Trump said in a court filing that it was seeking at least $20 million in damages for multiple violations of a nondisclosure agreement.



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