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Biden takes sweeping Day One executive action

President Biden began signing executive actions addressing the pandemic, climate change, racial inequality and immigration. Policies include bringing the U.S. back into the Paris climate accord and ending a travel ban Trump put in place on some majority-Muslim countries.


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Biden swiftly begins sweeping away Trump's immigration barriers

U.S. President Joe Biden signed half a dozen executive orders on Wednesday to reverse several hardline immigration policies put in place by former President Donald Trump, although migration experts warn that it will take months or longer to unravel many of the restrictions imposed in the past four years.

Tesla fourth-quarter registrations in California jump 63%: data

Tesla Inc's vehicle registrations in the U.S. state of California jumped nearly 63% during the fourth quarter compared with last year, largely due to the success of the company's Model Y, according to data from Cross-Sell https://info.cross-sell.com/tesla-special-report-0, a research firm that collates title and registration data.


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