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Aerial view of the town of Narsaq in southern Greenland

Greenland finds green power can be a curse

Greenland is attracting superpowers riding a green revolution as they seek to regain control of a strategic metal resource found abundantly on the island. 'Rare earths' help power wind turbines, electric vehicles and combat aircraft - but processing them is difficult and dirty.


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Shares pause, awaiting next move in bonds

European shares paused on Tuesday as investors sought to guess the bond market's next move, while weak German retail sales were a stark reminder of continued COVID-19 fallout on the region's biggest economy.

Brexodus from City of London to the EU slows

The shift in financial staff and assets from the City of London to the European Union because of Brexit has eased after Britain completed its full departure from the bloc, a tracker from consultants EY showed on Tuesday.


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