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A young Afghan soldier guards a checkpoint in Bagram, August 2004.  REUTERS/Ahmad Masood

Tillerson accused of violating law on child soldiers

WASHINGTON - A group of about a dozen State Department officials have taken the unusual step of formally accusing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson of violating a federal law designed to stop foreign militaries from enlisting child soldiers.


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Once inside Kim Jong Un's inner circle, top aide's star fades

When Kim Jong Un sat down in September to order the sixth and largest of North Korea's nuclear tests, Hwang Pyong So sat by his side, his khaki military uniform conspicuous among the suits at the table, photos released by state media at the time showed.

U.S. to end protected status for Haitians in July 2019

The United States in July 2019 will end a special status given to about 59,000 Haitian immigrants that protects them from deportation after a devastating 2010 earthquake, senior Trump administration officials said on Monday.

Iran's president declares end of Islamic State

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declared the end of Islamic State on Tuesday while a senior military commander thanked the "thousands of martyrs" killed in operations organized by Iran to defeat the militant group in Syria and Iraq.



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