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FACTBOX - Timeline of 1st US swine flu death in Texas

(Reuters) - A Mexican toddler in Texas has died of the new swine flu virus, the first confirmed death outside Mexico, as the World Health Organisation said the outbreak showed clear signs of spreading around the world.

Following is a chronology of key dates in the case, as provided by Texas state health officials:

April 4 - A 22-month-old boy travels with his family to Matamoros, Mexico, from Mexico City on a commercial flight, to visit relatives in Brownsville, Texas, just across the border.

April 8 - boy develops fever and influenza-like symptoms.

April 13 - boy admitted to Brownsville area hospital.

April 14 - medical transport service transfers boy to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, which has a world-class medical centre.

April 27 - boy dies of underlying problems associated with pneumonia.

April 29 - U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirm that boy had swine flu, making him the first confirmed U.S. death of the disease.

(Sources: Texas Department of State Health Services, Houston Department of Health and Human Services, Texas Children’s Hospital)

Reporting by Chris Baltimore, editing by Jackie Frank