Asian govts could require travellers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 - AirAsia CEO

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 9 (Reuters) - Governments in Asia could require inbound travellers to receive COVID-19 vaccinations, AirAsia Chief Executive Officer said on Wednesday.

Tony Fernandes said at a CAPA Centre for Aviation event that he foresees the requirement becoming a trend in Asia.

“I foresee in Asia anyway, I think they won’t let anyone in without a vaccination,” he said.

Fernandes said airlines will not be making the decisions on travellers.

“It’s not up to the airlines to decide. It’s for governments to decide. It’ll be the country that’ll decide if they will allow people to come in if they are not vaccinated,” he said.

Aviation industry opposition to requiring mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for passengers has intensified as impending drug approvals trigger a debate over their role in air travel.

Reporting by Liz Lee in Kuala Lumpur and Jamie Freed in Sydney; Editing by Sam Holmes