Amsterdam residents' AirBnB rentals capped at 60 days per year

AMSTERDAM, Dec 1 (Reuters) - AirBnB and the city of Amsterdam said on Thursday they have struck a deal capping the number of days residents may offer their apartments on the service to 60 per year.

The deal is a compromise between those who say AirBnB is a boon to homeowners and tourists alike, and those who oppose it, including hotel owners who complain about the competition.

Many residents of the Dutch capital complain tourists wandering side streets with rolling suitcases and noisy groups who come to Amsterdam to party are making the centre unliveable.

In addition, AirBnB is increasingly cited as one reason for an ongoing spike in housing prices.

Under the deal, AirBnB will install a ‘day counter’ on Amsterdam listings, and block any bookings that go beyond the limit.

Amsterdam will also introduce a 24-hour hotline for complaints.

The new deal follows a 2014 agreement, one of the first AirBnB made in Europe, in which the San Francisco-based company agreed to collect taxes from its users on behalf of the city.

Reporting by Toby Sterling; editing by Jason Neely