Algeria ends ban on some imports, imposes 30 to 200 percent duties

ALGIERS, Jan 29 (Reuters) - Algeria has lifted a ban on imports of several goods and replaced it with customs duties ranging from 30 to 200 percent, the trade ministry said on Tuesday.

The measure allows imports of products such as cell phones, home appliances, raw materials and some foodstuffs, the ministry said on its website. Some remain banned, including cars.

“The goods and products, which were suspended during the year 2018, are for import from now on,” the ministry said. The measure is aimed at encouraging local companies and protecting the nation’s “infant industries”, it said.

Algeria imposed a ban on 851 products last year in a bid to ease financial pressure caused by lower oil and gas revenue, the main source of state revenue. But the country’s bill for imports remained high because of poor domestic non-energy output.

Reporting by Hamid Ould Ahmed, editing by Larry King Editing by Ulf Laessing