Amazon CEO says right for big companies to be scrutinised

BERLIN, April 24 (Reuters) - Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos said on Tuesday that it was right that big companies are scrutinised and said his firm would respond to any new regulations by finding new ways to please its customers.

Bezos was speaking in Berlin, where he was receiving an award from German media company Axel Springer. He was responding to how seriously he took recent criticism of Amazon by U.S. President Donald Trump.

“All large institutions should be scrutinised or examined,” Bezos said. “It is not personal.”

“We have a duty on behalf of society to help educate any regulators without cynicism or scepticism. We will work with any set of regulations that we are given... we will follow those rules and find a new way to delight customers.”

Trump has said he would take a serious look at policies to address what he says are the unfair business advantages of Amazon, accusing the firm of not operating on a level playing field and not paying enough sales tax. (Reporting by Emma Thomasson Editing by Alexander Smith)