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Hungary firm sues Ukraine's Naftogaz for damages

BUDAPEST, Jan 9 (Reuters) - Hungarian energy trading firm Emfesz has sued Naftogaz for damages because Ukraine’s state-run energy company has not transmitted natural gas owned by the Hungarian firm, Emfesz said in a statement on Friday.

“Naftogaz did not transmit the natural gas owned by Emfesz, which should have been shipped from Russia to Hungary via Ukraine or part of it pumped from underground reserves in Ukraine, and handled this gas as its own,” Emfesz said.

The resulting damage of Emfesz is close to $30 million but the full amount can be calculated only later, Emfesz spokesman Viktor Molnar told Reuters.

The lawsuit has been filed with the Budapest Court, he said.

Russian gas shipments to Europe were cut off earlier this week over a pricing row between Russia and Ukraine.

Naftogaz has denied accusations by Russian energy company Gazprom GAZP.MM that Naftogaz broke international law and its gas transit obligations to Europe.

Emfesz is owned by Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash. (Reporting by Sandor Peto)