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Badminton players to get two challenges per match

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Shuttlers will be allowed two challenges when badminton uses technology to rule on contentious decisions for the first time at next month’s Indonesia Open, the governing body of the sport said.

China's Gao Ling returns a shot to England's Anthony Clark and Donna Kellogg during their mixed doubles final match at the All England badminton championships in Birmingham, England March 11, 2007. REUTERS/Alessia Pierdomenico/Files

The system, featuring ultra-slow motion cameras, will allow players to review line calls and umpire overrules, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) said in a statement.

“Challenges must be made immediately after the shuttle has landed and the call made by the line judge and before the commencement of the serve for the next rally,” the BWF said.

Badminton has joined tennis, rugby and cricket in adopting a review system.

A successful appeal will mean the player retains the challenge while two failed reviews will leave the shuttler without another for the remainder of the match, the BWF said.

Tennis players are allowed three successful challenges per set, with another one permitted in tiebreakers.

Top shuttlers including Lee Chong Wei, Taufik Hidayat and Saina Nehwal, have already welcomed the use of the new system, which they feel will help eradicate heated line-call disputes from the sport.

“Sometimes at crucial moments it is absolutely required, when you know that the decision has surely gone against you,” India’s doubles specialist and 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Ashwini Ponnappa, told Reuters last month.

“It will definitely make a difference in crunch situations and could eventually make a difference in the entire match.”

The system will only be available on one court at the June 10-16 Superseries Premier event in Jakarta.

Additional reporting by Amlan Chakraborty in New Delhi; editing by Patrick Johnston