VIDEO: Bank culture in a deregulatory era: "No going back"

People wait for a subway car at the Wall Street station in New York March 25, 2009.

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence) - As the pendulum swings toward deregulation in the financial industry, there is “no going back” on reforms to bank culture. That was a key theme from a Thomson Reuters forum featuring the general counsel of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Michael Held, and leaders of the U.S. financial services industry.

The forum was entitled "Bank Culture Reform in a Deregulatory Era." To see a video summary presented by participants in the forum, please click: Speakers in the video are Michael Wiseman, partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, and event moderator David Curran of Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services.

The forum was presented by Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence and Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services.