Italy's Treasury tests market mood for new 15, 30-year BTP-sources

ROME, Jan 9 (Reuters) - The Italian Economy Ministry has held meetings this week with government bond specialists to sound out market appetite for a new BTP bond at 15 or 30 years to be placed via syndicate within the next few weeks, market sources said.

Officials from the economy minister met market specialists in Rome on Wednesday, the sources said.

“There is a very lively debate about whether to do a syndicated operation, and if it is better on a 15 or 30-year deadline,” a specialist bank operator told Reuters.

A second market source said that ministry officials also asked out possible interest in a 20-year bond.

The source noted that the Treasury had made no mention of a 20-year maturity in issuance guidelines in December that mentioned possible new syndicated 15 or 30-year issues. (Reporting by Antonella Cinelli, Alessia Pè, Stefano Bernabei, editing by James Mackenzie)